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NOT since the OCCUPY NIGERIA demonstrations of January 2012, against the Jonathan administration’s hike of petroleum products prices, has an event shocked and united Nigerians like the on- going #BRING BACK OUR GIRLS manifestation.

Like wild fire in the veld, a nationwide movement has triggered an international momentum. Nigerians are joining hands across fault lines political actors opportunistically exploit to access power. The abduction of the Chibok School girls in Borno state has troubled the conscience of all of humanity.

Those who profit from the disunity, docility and acquiescence of Nigerians in their oppression are shocked to the marrows by Nigerians’ united response – man-woman; old-young; North- South; Muslim-Christian! This national mobilisation has also swept the world.

And for the first time since the emergence of the Boko Haram insurgency, the Chibok abduction has interrogated the dominant narrative and exposed the inadequacy of governance.

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