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Click here to view pictures of the Art|Event 2015 event

The Art|Energy successfully held on the 8th February, 2015 at the prestigious Kent House in Knightsbride, it was a magnificent event featuring the astounding works of Ablade Glover, Polly Alakija and other fine artists.

The Art|Energy is a part of Zircon Marine’s corporate social responsibility under the umbrella of The IK Okoye Foundation. It’s primary aim is to position Africa, especially Nigeria as a destination for trade and investment while discovering and showcasing the continent’s finest art works. This annual exhibition is used as a platform to showcase the creative arts of Africa, celebrate talented artists both renowned and unknown as well as promote links between the energy sector and the visual arts in the continent of Africa.

On Sunday 8th of February, these goal were achieved as individuals from all walks of life, particularly leaders in the oil and gas industry trooped in at 5pm and were wowed by the amazing art pieces hanging beautifully on the wall that had come out of Africa.

Bigger is better, the saying goes and this proved true for The Art|Energy as this year we went bigger and honored artists from four different countries on the continent- Nigeria, Ghana, Togo and Cameroon. It was an extraordinary night with lots to eat, drink and celebrate. Old friends reconnecting, new acquaintances made and a common enjoyment of creativity and inspiration. The looks on the faces of our guests as well as high commendations given made all the hard work put into organizing the event worth it.

Africa has yet a lot to offer, the surface has barely been scratched and The Art|Energy promises to continue to play its own part in bringing that to light. We thank all our guests who graced the event with their presence and colorful personalities and we look forward to another successful exhibition next year!

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